Law of Attraction or Iman

I thought I would come to this topic much later. But I could not resist. After all, most of the Life Coaching revolves around Law of Attraction. I am not convinced at the moment that Law of Attraction is Islamic. If I pick and choose where I apply law of attraction, I might be good. But, if I start applying LOA in every aspect of my life. I am afraid I will be committing Shirk.

As I put out in my subject, Iman is more important to me than believing in Law of Attraction. I think it is better to stay away from anything that has the slightest chance of leading me to sin. Love of Allah is more important than love of small things that we want to attract in life. Moreover, hasn’t he The Almighty promised us good in this world and in the hereafter if we are follow the path he taught us through our beloved prophet(SAWS).

There are good things about Law of Attraction, like Being grateful. Again we just feel grateful here, we are not particularly being grateful to Allah The Almighty – which in essence is wrong again. Also, I might unknowingly follow something which might be against islam.


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