Bare minimum for the love of Allah

Excerpts from lecture from “Navaid Aziz”

Three types of people – Surah Fatir

1. Who oppresses himself

He does not perform any of the obligations. He also indulges in some of the prohibitions.

2. Who takes the middle path – Does the Bare minimum and he is happy with it.

a. Prays 5 times a day Salah

b. Pays 2.5% Zakat

c. Fasts only month of Ramadan

d. Performs Hajj only once in his lifetime

3. One who does good deeds. Competing in performing voluntary acts in addition to obligatory acts.

What differentiates them is their actions. The most fundamental action is Salah. Most important act of worship is Salah. Salah is what differentiates between Allah’s wrath and Allah’s pleasure. Between Allah’s paradise and Allah’s hellfire. Between Allah’s love, mercy, compassion and Allah’s wrath, anger.

Three levels in prayer

lowest level – Only Faraid

second level – Sunnah(Rawatib) in addition to Faraid prayers.

Higher level – Nafil (Qiyam-al-Layl, Duha) in addition to Faraid and Rawatib prayers.

Key to success with Allah – Be consistent in worship.

This lecture was an eye opener for me. We, in this day and age think praying 3 or 4 times a day, giving away a little bit of money with lot of show-off is a very big thing we do. Whereas in reality 5 times a day Salah, Fasting in Ramadan, 2.5% Zakat are all the bare minimum.

We have to add much more to our worship plan(sunnah, nawafil, duas) and clear our intentions to be able to get closer to Allah (SWT)


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