Five Questions about life on the Day of Judgement

Our Beloved prophet Muhammad (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said, “The two feet of the son of Adam will not move from near his Lord on the Day of Judgement until he is asked about five (matters) concerning his life – how he spent it; about his youth – how he took care of it; about his wealth – how he earned it; and where he spent it; and about that which he acted upon from the knowledge he acquired.” [Tirmidhi]

Everyone will be questioned about the following on the Day of Judgement.

1. Your life – how you spent it. Was it in righteousness and piety or in sin and transgression?

2. Your youth – how you spent it.  How was the energy, vigour and strength spent in the cause of Allah?

3. Your wealth – how you acquired it. Was it from that which is halaal or from that which is haraam?

4. Your wealth – how you spent it. Did you give others their rights in it – your relatives, the needy, the orphans, the mujahideen… or did you squander it on yourself alone? How much of it was spent for the cause of Allah (SWT)?

5. Your knowledge – how you acted upon it. How much of your knowledge of Allah’s Deen did you put into practice? Did you study Islam to live by its teachings or did you acquire knowledge of the Quran and hadith to appear knowledgeable with it or gather wealth with it?


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One thought on “Five Questions about life on the Day of Judgement

  1. huma April 26, 2015 at 3:50 pm Reply

    wow, subhanallah great site ! post more

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