The six pillars of Iman

As muslims who surrender completely to Allah (SWT) the creator of the Heavens and the earth, we are required to believe in six things to complete our Iman:

1. Allah

a. Allah is maker of everything, owner/master of everything in this universe.

b. Worship is only for Allah. No one or nothing else is worthy of worship.

c. Names & Attributes of Allah

2. Angels

3. Books

The Taurah, The Gospel, The Quran etc

4. Messengers and Prophets

5. Last day or the Day of Judgement

6. Qadr(Divine Decree) – the Good and Bad of it.



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One thought on “The six pillars of Iman

  1. […] is Allah’s decree or pre-destiny. This is one of the six articles of Imaan/Faith that a Muslim is required to believe in Qadr, the Good and the Bad of […]

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