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In times of Difficulty…

My life has changed much since I started to realize my various challenges. The toughest challenge has been to be in control and composed in adverse situations. The only way I knew was try cry away.  In fact, my conscious goal for many years has been “To Stop crying”. On the way I realized many things.

One, it is a sign of weakness, where we throw up our hands and say I can do nothing – so start crying.

Two, my belief in Allah (SWT) and Qadr(divine decree) was not so strong.

Three, there was too much anxiety building up at every situation – thanks to self help books which say that you can manifest anything you want, if you want it enough, visualize it enough etc. What these self help books miss out is the crucial part – in addition to giving it our best, we should also make dua abundantly and to know that “what Allah wills only will ever happen”.

Alhamdulillah, when I face a challenging situation now, I handle it quite differently. I am also more composed and peaceful. If we observe the above three things I mentioned, we can see that all three are interconnected.

Once we have strong belief in Allah (SWT) and his plan for us(Qadr), we don’t throw up our hands anymore and we don’t feel the anxiety anymore. We know that if we do the following, something good will be granted by Allah (SWT) either in this world(duniya) or in the akhirah(hereafter)

1. We put in our best effort to correct the situation or to find a solution.

2. We make plenty of dua(supplication) to Allah (SWT)

3. Try to pray Qiyam-al-Layl most of the days and make dua to HIM in the blessed hours of the night(last one-thirds of the night)

4. Develop a habit of Thanking Allah (SWT) even when a calamity has befallen.

5. Continuously seek Allah’s help and seek guidance.

6. Improve our relationship with Allah – By performing all obligatory acts and adding more nawafil acts

7. Continue worshiping Allah (SWT) in the best possible way for us even after the calamity or the difficult situation has passed.

While doing all this, it is important to keep in mind the following:

1. We make the best of our efforts and make lots of Dua – still nothing good seems to be happening. Remember that Allah (SWT) knows best what is good for us, and we may not see the goodness in a situation now and may see it in the long term.

2. Allah (SWT) may grant us good in this world(Duniya) or in the Hereafter(Akhirah). So, we may not realize it just yet.

3. Allah (SWT) gives us a situation so we can turn to Him and worship Him a lot. So, Alhamdulillah.

When I do all these and know that I am on the right path, I am more peaceful, composed and confident than ever before. I thank Allah(SWT) for granting me the understanding Alhamdulillah. I pray that I don’t waiver from this understanding and that we all realize peace and calm in this life. Ameen.