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Powerful yet Simple Duas

I have collected some simple duas which take less time to recite but have huge benefits in this world and in the hereafter. Remember me in your duas.

1. The dearest words to Allah are:

  1. SubhanAllah (Glory be to Allah)
  2. Alhamdulillah(All Praises be to Allah)
  3. la ilaha illallah (There is no deity worthy of worship except Allah)
  4. Allahu Akbar (Allah is the Greatest)

Best way is to recite the above very often. Recommended is SubhanAllah(33 times) + Alhamdulillah(33 times) + Allahu Akbar(34 times) before going to bed. Makes things easy for us.

2. Recite this dua three times after Fajr and after Maghrib.

        Allahumma inni as’alukal Jannata  (O Allah! I ask you to grant me paradise)

Ask for Jannat three times, then Jannah says O Allah Let him enter

3. Recite this dua seven times after Fajr and after Maghrib

       Allahumma ajirni minannar    (O Allah! Protect me from the fire)

If you die that night, Allah will write for you protection from the fire i.e., Hell Fire

4. Recite this dua 100 times in the morning and 100 times in the evening, which is enough.

      Subhanallahi wa bihamdihi     (Allah is free from imperfection and His is the praise)

5. Recite this dua after maghrib to be saved from a calamity

      A’oothu Bikale-ma-til-lahit-tam-maate min Shar-re ma Khalaq  (I seek refuge with the complete words of Allah)

6. Recite this dua 3 times after fajr and after maghrib. Thus will not suffer any sudden affliction.

    Bismillahl alethee la yadhuru ma ‘ismuhu sha-e’ feel ardh wa fees sama ‘ wa who was samee’ul aleem.  (In the name of Allah, when Whose name is mentioned nothing on Earth or in Heaven can cause harm, and He is the Hearer, the Knower.)

 7. Whoever recites this dua 100 times a day, will have a recompense equal to that of freeing ten slaves. Also, 100 good actions are written for him, 100 wrong actions are erased from him, and it is a protection from Satan for that day until the night. No one does anything more excellent than someone who does more than that.”

    La illaha illallah, wah-dahu la sharika lah, Lahul-mulku wa lahul hamd, wa huwa ‘ala Kul-li shayin Qadeer.        (There is no god but Allah, alone, without any partner. The Kingdom and praise belong to Him and He has power over everything.)